Japanese Wood Working Tools
Nokogiri Nomi Toishi Maru Nomi  
Nokogiri (Saws)

Nomi (Chisels)

Toishi (Sharpening)
Maru Nomi (Carving Tools)

Japanese Knives

Special forms

The Shinogi chisels are specially designed for making dovetails. The Kotenomi are good for cleaning surfaces and specially for cleaning channels.

Shinogi Oire Nomi

The Shinogi chisels are specially designed for making dovetails.
J-ND03 Shinogi Oire Nomi 3 mm
J-ND06 Shinogi Oire Nomi 6 mm
J-ND09 Shinogi Oire Nomi 9 mm
J-ND12 Shinogi Oire Nomi 12 mm
J-ND15 Shinogi Oire Nomi 15 mm
J-ND18 Shinogi Oire Nomi 18 mm
J-ND24 Shinogi Oire Nomi 24 mm
J-ND30 Shinogi Oire Nomi 30 mm
J-NDS6 Shinogi Oire Nomi Set 6pcs.
in linen roll; 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 30 mm


Fishtail Nomi
Hand forged laminated steel chisels. The Fishtail -shape enables perfect cleaning of channels, red oak handles, White steel
GL 220 mm, BL 60 mm
J-FN06 Fishtail Nomi 6 mm
J-FN09 Fishtail Nomi 9 mm
J-FN12 Fishtail Nomi 12 mm
J-FN15 Fishtail Nomi 15 mm
J-FN18 Fishtail Nomi 18 mm
J-FN21 Fishtail Nomi 21 mm
J-NFS6 Fishtail Nomi Set 6pcs.
6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 mm


Cranked neck chisels for work on surfaces and channels
red oak handle, white steiil,. Overall length 320 mm

J-N0378 Kotenomi 9 mm
J-N0379 Kotenomi 12 mm
J-N0380 Kotenomi 15 mm
J-N0381 Kotenomi 18 mm
J-N0382 Kotenomi 24 mm
J-N0383 Kotenomi 30 mm


for scraping and levelling the bottom of mortices

J-E1201 Nomi
J-E1202 Kamanomi
for cleaning the corners of joints
J-E1203 Morinomi
for cleaning the bottom of mortices


Linenroll for Nomi
J-HNR010 Linenroll for Nomi
Quality linen roll for 10 chisels.


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