Japanese Wood Working Tools
Nokogiri Nomi Toishi Maru Nomi  
Nokogiri (Saws)

Nomi (Chisels)

Toishi (Sharpening)
Maru Nomi (Carving Tools)

Japanese Knives


A nomi's working life is so much longer than that of a conventional chisel, a Japanese nomi is far cheaper and saves you the trouble involved in going through the process of buying a new one..

Nomi - hand made

Hand forged laminated high grade steel used by the Japanese professional. Red oak handle, sharpened ready to use. ....
Chisel Suminagashi (folded steel) Blue steel
Red oak handle GL 220 mm BL 60 mm ....
The Shinogi chisels are specially designed for making dovetails. The Kotenomi are good for cleaning surfaces and ....
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