Japanese Wood Working Tools
Nokogiri Nomi Toishi Maru Nomi  

Nokogiri (Saws)

Nomi (Chisels)
Toishi (Sharpening)
Maru Nomi (Carving Tools)

For centuries the japanese handsaws are produced in the same tradition. Nokogiri work on the pull stroke - this enables very thin and fine blades. You will love the accuracy. There are two kinds of sawteeth - one for cutting cross the grain and one for cutting with the grain.

Japanese Folding Saws with high quality rubber handle.

Professional Series

Japanese saws are distinguished by the shape of their teeth. The "trapezoidal" tooth configuration (formed like ....
Golden Series
Professional Saws from the Golden Series. The series with the thinnest and finest saw blades. The manufacturer ....


Pruning Saws

Also for garden work the pull stroke is comfortable for you as well as for the tree ....
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